KNA Supply is an automotive supply company you can trust. Privately owned and operated since 2005:

We pride ourselves on offering a broad range of products and services necessary to

supply the largest of automobile dealerships with the personal touch of a family owned business.

We strive to be a One-Stop Supplier for all of your associated product needs and our friendly and

knowledgeable sales staff is among the best in the industry.

We stock many nationally known brands and we also seek out lesser known brands that produce really great products.

We do all of this with a strict eye on quality and our mind on the best value for your money.

We offer products for the following automotive industries:

– Collision Centers

– Parts Departments

– Mechanical Shops

– Car Wash Centers

– Fleet & Truck Centers

– Quick Lube Centers

KNA Supply also offers something unique to our industry, a retail program where we convert your

parts department, waiting area or customer lounge into a retail-ready, shopping destination.

We call this our Pro-Shop Program.

In our Pro-Shop Program, we stock over 5000 high impulse, automotive related products and

accessories and all of the fixtures needed to display them. We specialize in designing and

maintaining retail spaces and we guarantee each of our products to sell. Every product in our

Pro-Shop Program comes pre-priced and ready to sell the moment you receive it.

Thank you for choosing KNA Supply.